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Our Trip to Hoskins

Our Trip to Hoskins

At the end of May, we returned to Hoskins, West New Britain Province, after being away for 14 YEARS!  What a bittersweet homecoming....When we first moved to Hoskins in 2003, a local couple adopted me. Their names were Stanley and Maria Balu. They had 4...

Catching Up

An overdue update:The people who took pity on us and gave us a ride (from my last journal entry) have really blessed us and have become friends.  Peter & his wife helped us while we were looking at cars and thankfully, we now have our own car. No more riding...

Culture Stress

Culture Stress

Today was one of those days where we struggled with culture stress. Tom had to deal with getting our washing machine repaired or replaced.  It’s been broken for almost 2 weeks. Nothing happens fast here. Things are night & day different!Before we left the...


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