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Coming Home, Part 2

When we arrived at the airport in Port Moresby, we were excited!  After leaving the airplane, we had to go through immigration and customs. As it turned out, the instructions we were given on board our last flight was not correct…they told us we only had to fill...

Coming Home, Part 1

There were times I never thought returning to Papua New Guinea would be a reality. I often thought it was only a dream that would never be fulfilled; a longing I would carry with me the rest of my life. That just makes this homecoming all the more sweet!  I am...

Sweet Reunions, School Days, and Malaria (UGH!)

Sweet Reunions, School Days, and Malaria (UGH!)

Meet the Family!We have so many things to be thankful for as we look over the events of this past month (and a half! Sorry for the delay in the newsletter).   But what tops them all is being reunited with our adopted Papua New Guinea family after 15 years.A...


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