Thomas and Jennifer McBratney have a heart for indigenous people worldwide. Thomas is an ordained minister, and both hold degrees in Intercultural Ministry. Their desire is to spend their lives laboring to see Revelation 7:9 come to pass, where people of all nations will stand before the Lamb and worship Him.  Thomas and Jennifer have a passion for studying the Bible in its original Hebrew context, and sharing this knowledge with fellow believers in Messiah. They are blessed with three children.  Thomas and Jennifer are partnering with a ministry in Papua New Guinea that assists women and children who are victims of the sex-trafficking industry.

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Alexis (Lexie) Rodriguez is a recent high school graduate who has always had a love and interest for sharing hope and healing with people in developing countries.

“I have this amazing gift of knowing Jesus and being a part of His family, but not everyone has that gift or even knows His Name and what He has done for us.  I have always had deep compassion and love for those in [developing] countries or living in less than desirable situations.”

Lexie will be working in Papua New Guinea, partnering with Women of Hope Ministries to help women and children who are affected by sex-trafficking.

Matthew 10:8, “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.” NKJV